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五六月是畢業季,雖然近兩年受到疫情影響,畢業生只能參加線上畢業典禮,完成校園的最後一哩路。但無論如何,懷抱夢想與抱負,大步邁向人生就是最重要且值得被祝福的。今年五月,流行音樂歌手泰勒絲(Taylor Swift)受紐約大學之邀於畢業典禮致詞 ,她的演說金句也受到外界讚賞,本次就讓我們從她的演說內容來認識多益測驗相關單字吧!

commencement address畢業典禮致詞

「畢業典禮」經常用commencement 來形容,而這個單字當動詞commence時是代表「開始」(begin)的意思。需要注意的是commence 和commerce「商業、貿易」拼法相似,但意思完全不同。

The construction of the stadium is scheduled to commence next month.

Many retailers have increased their investment in mobile commerce since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Taylor Swift 在她的畢業致詞(commencement address)中分享了她的人生經歷和體悟,並祝福所有即將踏入社會,或迎接下一段人生旅程的畢業生們。

I will, however, give you some life hacks I wish I knew when I was starting out my dreams of a career, and navigating life, love, pressure, choices, shame, hope and friendship.

hack (v)常見的解釋是科技上的「駭入」,當名詞時則是hacker「駭客」。但在此hack解釋為處理某些活動和事情上的「策略、技巧」。

The IT department discovered that the company’s computer system was hacked.

This web page provides some practical shortcuts and hacks for Mac users.

navigate (v)「導航、(用地圖)找到方向或位置」,這個單字也可以用在電腦網路的使用上,代表找到想要的資訊等。

The company’s website is well-designed so it’s easy to navigate.

It’s better to ask a real estate agent to help you navigate the complex process of buying a property.

忠告一:catch and release

Taylor Swift 的第一個忠告是學會catch and release「何時放手」。她表示,生活是很沉重的,很難將所有事情一次扛起,因此要懂得分辨取捨,放開不重要或不值得的事物,把時間留給更美好的事物。

You can’t carry all things, all grudges, all updates on your ex, all enviable promotions your school bully got at the hedge fund his uncle started. Decide what is yours to hold and let the rest go.

grudge (n.)「怨恨、積怨」常和動詞 hold 一起做搭配詞使用 ,例如hold/have a grudge。

After being dismissed from the company, Anna still has a grudge against her supervisor.

Oftentimes the good things in your life are lighter anyway, so there’s more room for them. One toxic relationship can outweigh so many wonderful, simple joys. You get to pick what your life has time and room for. Be discerning.

outweigh (v)「比 …重要,大於」,這個單字是多益測驗的常見字,由 out+weigh組合,類似的組合還有outrun「比…快」、outsmart「智勝」。

According to several studies, the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

discern (v)「辨別、明白」。

It’s usually difficult for children to discern who they can really trust.

忠告二:live alongside cringe 

每個人的人生中常發生尷尬窘況,就連名人、成功人士也都不例外,Taylor Swift也明白地告訴大家這些事無法避免,儘管不舒適仍要懂得和這些情況與感受共存。

Secondly, learn to live alongside cringe. No matter how hard you try to avoid being cringe, you will look back on your life and cringe retrospectively. Cringe is unavoidable over a lifetime. Even the term “cringe” might someday be deemed “cringe”.

cringe (v)「(因恐懼)畏縮」,口語的cringe也可解釋為feel embarrassed「難為情」。

I cringed when my dad started singing and dancing in front of my classmates.

retrospective (adj)「回顧」這個字是由retro「往後」與spec「看」兩個字根組合而成,字面上的意思就是looking back,最常用的名詞形式為retrospect。

In retrospect, Knoxx Inc. shouldn’t have expanded so quickly.

泰勒絲的演講非常勵志,有興趣的讀者可以到New York University的YouTube頻道觀看。


1. The project will not commence ________ we get the approval from the management.
(A) during
(B) by the time
(C) in spite of
(D) until

2. Mary shows little ________ when it comes to choosing friends.
(A) distinguished
(B) discernment
(C) discriminate
(D) discrete


1. 正解(D)。題意為「在我們得到管理階層的允許之前,該專案不會開始。」本句中有兩個子句,因此需要選擇可以連結兩個子句並能符合語意的連接詞,故(D)為正確答案。

2. 正解(B)。本題是單字題,空格中需要填入符合題意「Mary在選擇朋友上,顯示了她沒有很好的分辨能力。」且詞性正確的單字。(A)傑出的,(C)歧視,(D)分別的。故(B)辨別力為正確答案。


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