觀光英語 出境篇I


Dialogue A
Getting Help Booking Tickets

Ka: Kathy Ke: Kevin J: Jim
Kevin is on his laptop in the living room.

Ka: Hey Kevin, what’re you up to? No class today?
Ke: We’re in between semesters now, so I have two weeks off. I’m going to visit my family. Didn’t Dan tell you?
Ka: No, he didn’t. But it’s good that you are going home.
Ke: Yeah. My parents will be happy to see me. The problem is that I’m having trouble finding cheap tickets.
Ka: Why don’t you ask Jim for help? You know he works for an airline company, right? I bet that he can find you a great deal.
(Later, Kevin and Jim are discussing tickets.)
J: Well, we’ve got a few choices for you. There’s an incredible deal on first-class, direct flights tomorrow, but they’re still around US$1,400 round-trip.
Ke: I can’t really afford that much. Is there anything cheaper?
J: I could try getting you a standby flight for tomorrow. You’d have to transfer in Tokyo, though. It’s a longer trip, and you might get bumped to later flights. However, since I work for the airlines, the ticket is only US$100!
Ke: That sounds great!

Words & Phrases單字片語
1. book(vt.)&(vi.)預訂,預約
The newlyweds booked a room in that expensive hotel on the remote island.
* newlyweds(n.)新婚夫婦(恆用複數形)

2. round-trip(a.)來回的,往返的
The round-trip ticket Gavin bought online is good for six months.
這張蓋文在網路上購買的來回票有效期限為六個月。3. transfer(vi.)&(vt.)(使)轉乘,改乘
Neil has to transfer to two different buses to get to school every day.

Extra Words補充字詞

You Can Do This英文試金石

1. 搭乘國內航線不需要護照。
You don’t need a ______ to travel on a domestic flight.2. 英格麗在聖誕節假期之前就訂好了返鄉的來回票。
Ingrid ______ her round-trip ticket back home before the holiday season.3. 這冰塊從冷藏庫拿出來後很快就融成液體了。
The ice turned into ______ soon after being taken out of the freezer.

Dialogue B

The Check-in Blues

K: Kevin J: Jim C: Clerk
Kevin is checking in at the airport.

C: May I have your passport, sir? Where are you headed today?
K: Here you are. I’m going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to visit my parents.
C: OK. How many bags will you be checking in?
K: Just these two.
C: Sir, this black suitcase is five kilos over your 22-kilogram limit, but the other bag is only 20. You can rearrange your bags or pay an extra US$50.
J: Here Kevin, let me help. I’m a master at Tetris!
K: This might take a minute.
C: Take your time. There’s no one else in line at the moment.
K: Thanks.
J: You’re just going for a week! Why did you bring so much stuff?
K: I wanted to bring back presents. I’ve got stuff here for Mom, Dad, my sisters, grandparents, and some friends.
J: Good thing you brought two giant suitcases.
K: No kidding. Thanks for helping me, Jim.
J: Any time. Wait a second. You can’t put that whisky in your carry-on—no liquids! We can fit it right here, though.
K: Let’s weigh these again.
C: Looks like both bags are just under. Here are your tickets, sir.
K: Thanks.

Words & Phrases單字片語
4. passport(n.)護照
Elva rushed to the airport, only to find that she had forgotten to bring her passport.

5. limit (n.)限制
There is a time limit of 10 minutes to solve the riddle.

6. carry-on(n.)(可隨身攜帶上機的)小包,行李&( a.)隨身的
Passengers should keep their portable chargers in their carry-on luggage.
* portable(a.)便攜式的,輕便的

7. liquid(n.)液體,液態物
That medicine is available in liquid or powder form.

Tips in Use重點解析
動詞 bump的用法
本文中的動詞 bump在此處為非正式用法,表「擠出,擠掉」,常用於機票超賣而被航空公司安排至另一架班機或升級艙等時;作一般動詞時則有「撞;顛簸而行」等意思。例:

Melody was bumped up to business class on her way to Singapore.
Arno bumped his head on the bookshelf and got hurt really badly.

答案:1. passport;2. booked;3. liquid


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