使用會議室要避免喧嘩「打擾」他人 看TOEIC英文學商業用語

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As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a professional and organized work environment, we’d like to share the following rules and guidelines for using our office meeting rooms:

u Book in Advance: To ensure fair use, please reserve meeting rooms through the booking system at least 24 hours ahead.

v Be Timely: Respect others’ time. Start and finish meetings as scheduled.

w Keep it Clean: Leave the room as you found it. Dispose of any trash and wipe down surfaces if needed.

x Equipment Use: If you use any equipment (e.g., projector, whiteboard), return it to its original state.

y Noise Level: Keep volume at a considerate level to avoid disturbing others working nearby.

z No Eating: To maintain cleanliness, refrain from having meals in the meeting rooms.

Adherence to these rules helps us keep our shared spaces functional and pleasant for everyone. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

reserve 預約


Please reserve the conference room for our team meeting next Tuesday.

 因為reserve有「保留位置」的意思,所以在職場中也常解釋為「保留意見」,相較no comment「不予置評」客氣一些。

I reserve judgment on the new proposal until I have all the information.

dispose 棄置

dispose與to get rid of或throw away是同義字,都有「丟棄」的意思。要特別注意dispose的介係詞要使用of。

After the meeting, please dispose of your coffee cups in the recycle bin.


Our legal team will dispose of the contractual issues before the deal closes.

dispose用在餐具上時,disposable utensils就是「一次性免洗餐具」。

disturb 打擾

disturb的名詞是disturbance,旅宿業中有時需要掛上請勿打擾的牌子,英文就是(Please) Do not disturb.

Kindly avoid loud discussions in the workspace so as not to disturb others.


The sudden changes in the project schedule may disturb the team’s workflow.

 adherence 遵守

adhere to代表「黏貼」,對規則黏貼,就是「完全遵守、堅守原則」的意思。

Adherence to the new policy is mandatory for all employees.

The project’s success relies on our adherence to the outlined timeline.


refrain 克制


Please refrain from using personal devices during meetings to ensure focus.

Employees are asked to refrain from discussing confidential information in public spaces.

而職場上有些工作被規定上班時不能使用手機,工作地點就會有Refrain from using cellphones.「禁止使用手機」的標語。


  1.  The meeting room has been ______ for our team on Tuesday.

(A) reserved

(B) disposed

(C) disturbed

(D) adhered

  1. Please ______ of your coffee cup in the recycle bin after the meeting.

(A) reserve

(B) dispose

(C) disturb

(D) adhere

  1. Loud discussions in the work area can ______ other employees.

(A) reserve

(B) dispose

(C) disturb

(D) adhere

  1. The success of this project depends on our strict ______ to the timetable.

(A) reserve

(B) dispose

(C) disturb

(D) adherence

  1. Employees are asked to ______ from discussing confidential information in public places.

(A) reserve

(B) dispose

(C) disturb

(D) refrain


  1. 正解為(A)。句意為「我們團隊已經在週二預留了那間會議室」,看到是meeting room「會議室」就可以知道選擇reserve「預約」,故(A)為正解。
  2. 正解為(B),句意為「請在會議之後把咖啡杯丟至資源回收桶中」。文中的咖啡杯,還有空格後方的of,可作為判斷依據。(A)保留,(B)清除、處理,(C)打擾,(D)堅持。依據題意,以及dispose of+名詞的用法,故(B)為正解。
  3. 正解為(C),句意為「在工作區大聲討論可能會打擾到其他的員工」。關鍵是句子一開始的loud discussions「大聲討論」,可能會打擾到其他人,因此只有(C)最適合,故為正解。
  4. 正解為(D),句意為「這個專案的成功仰賴我們嚴守時程。」關鍵是空格後方的to及後方的time table「時程」,可知「嚴格遵守」時程是成功的關鍵,故(D)為正解。
  5. 正解為(D),句意為「我們要求員工不得在公共場所討論機密資訊」。句子後方的confidential information「機密資訊」與空格後方的from可作為判斷。refrain from discussing「避免討論」符合句意,故(D)為正解。