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The first moon landing was a truly historic event for the United States and for mankind.


To learn more about historical NASA Moon landings and current NASA missions, please go to the following websites.


如果還是對historic與historical的用法有疑問,建議可以參考名作家 William Safire曾說過的一句話!

“Any past event is historical, but only the most memorable ones are historic.”

To position將…定位於


The markers were not positioned in the center.

The company is uniquely positioned to compete in foreign markets.

除了被動語態is positioned的用法之外,處境或地位的定位也能用主動語態to position oneself as +「地位、角色」的句型來描述。

The moon landing marked the culmination of America’s Cold War human spaceflight program and positioned itself as a global leader in science and technology.


Andy is not likely to get promoted because he does not position himself as the ideal managerial candidate.

on display展示;展覽

想描述某樣物品正在展示中,我們可以用on display這個常見的多益片語。display本身能當名詞,有展覽、陳列之意,也能當作被展出的陳列品、展覽品,前面接上on就成了展出的意思。

The spacesuit on display required delicate fabric repair, stain removal, cleaning, and preservation of fading materials and degraded plastics.

on display也常和put和place這兩個動詞合併使用,變成put/place _____ on display的句型,也就是將某物品展出、陳列出來的意思。

The statues of Notre-Dame will be put on display inside the cathedral and will travel two-by-two to a specialized restorer in the Dordogne area of southwest France.

與display名詞型態同義的單字為exhibition,同樣地也能用_____ is on exhibition來描述物品正在展示中。此外,display也能直接當動詞使用,而exhibition的動詞型態exhibit為其同義字。

His artwork has been exhibited in the most prestigious galleries in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Generally, women are more emotionally expressive, whereas men are able to conceal or control their displaying of emotions.


1. What is the purpose of the speech?
(A) To update construction news
(B) To teach a history lesson
(C) To provide information
(D) To argue a viewpoint

2. What will they do after visiting the University District?
(A) Go to the Pit Stop
(B) Have lunch
(C) See some artworks
(D) Have a boat ride


1. 正解為(C)。題意為「請問以上言論的目的為何?」因為這段言論主要是在說明今日活動的行程,談到了現場參觀的建築物介紹及接下來的活動內容,因此答案為(C)提供資訊。

2. 正解為(B)。題意為「在他們參觀完大學城區之後將會做什麼?」因為Pit Stop酒吧是在前往大學城區之前參觀的,他們在大學城區的當時參觀了建築物,剛好經過畢業生的藝術展,而在之後是去吃午餐,文中特別提及午餐是在下午搭乘船舶遊湖之前,因此答案為(B)吃午餐。


On your left is the old town hall building, which was built in 1895 and used until 1996. Coming up on the right-hand side is the oldest building in town. Constructed in 1847, it was originally the county courthouse. It’s gone through several reincarnations since then, and is currently the Pit Stop, one of the city’s finest bars. OK, now we’re leaving downtown and headed for the University District, to check out some historic architecture at the state’s most prestigious art institute, where our graduating students’ artworks are currently on display. After that, we’ll have lunch at 12 o’clock at the Berkley Inn, prior to our afternoon cruise on the lake.


在你的左邊是舊的市鎮廳,於1895年建造一直使用到1996年。接著在右手邊是鎮裡最古老的建築物,這是以前的縣法院,於1847年建造的,歷經多次轉世才變成現在的Pit Stop,是這個城市最棒的酒吧。好的,現在我們要去市中心前往大學城區,到本州最有聲望的藝術學院看一些具有歷史意義的建築物,而我們的畢業生也正好在這裡展出他們的藝術品,在那之後我們12:00將在柏克萊飯館用午餐,會在我們下午搭乘船舶遊湖之前。

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