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Dialogue A

Ke: Kevin Ka: Kate Ma: Marco
D: Dan Me: Megumi J: Jim
After his study abroad program , Kevin is finally leaving the US and going home to Taiwan, so his classmates and homestay family are throwing a farewell party for (1) him.

All: Surprise!
Ke: What’s this?
Ka: We know you’re heading back home, so we decided to have a get-together.
Ke: Wow, you even got my classmates here! Marco, Megumi, I didn’t know if I’d ever see you guys again!
Ma: You’re always welcome in Paraguay—or maybe I’ll make it to Taiwan first.
Ke: You have to come!
D: Is it fair to say (2) you’ve enjoyed your time here in Los Angeles?
Ke: Of course! I’ve had a great time. I’ve learned so much and met so many great friends. Kate, Dan, Kathy, Jim, you’ve been so wonderful. I’ll never forget the first time you took me to a taco truck! Megumi, remember our project on the LA metro for class?
Me: That was surprisingly fun. I guess we’ll see each other back in Asia?
Ke: You are welcome to stay with me any time, and I’d love to visit Aomori!
J: We’ll stay in touch, yeah? Maybe I can do an exchange (3) year in Taiwan!
Ke: Please do! I’ll miss you all!


Words & Phrases 單字片語

1. throw ⁄ give a party for sb 為某人舉辦一場派對
We’re throwing a party for Zora tonight because of her upcoming promotion.

2. It’s fair to say + that 子句  可以這麼說
It’s fair to say that many people around here are a bit lazy.

★3. exchange n.(教師、學生等的)交換,互訪(計畫);(貨幣的)兌換
Erin is going to apply for an Australian exchange program this year.

Tips in Use 重點解析

本文中store credit 指的是「(店內的)抵用金」,但生活上常說的give sb credit(給予某人認可或是一些表揚、讚許),裡面的credit 卻是指「表揚、讚許」,
跟「信用」或是「餘額」可是一點關係也沒有喔,片語 take / claim / deserve (the) credit (for sth/ V-ing)也常用來表示「(因(做)某事而)得到讚許/表揚、獲得稱讚」。就讓我們來看看生活上的
If you return that item more than a month after buying it, you will get store credit instead of money back.
The teacher gave all the students full credit for their work.

Dialogue B
Packing up

K: Kevin M: Marco
Marco is helping Kevin clean out (4) his room and pack his bag (5).

K: Man, when I got here I only had a backpack and one suitcase . How did I end up with so much stuff (6)?
M: Relax, I just packed my stuff up last week. We can sort through it. Figure out what you want, and then we’ll take the rest to Goodwill.
K: What’s Goodwill?
M: It’s a secondhand shop. They’ll pay you or give you store credit for your stuff. I got about a hundred bucks for some of my things, though some I just gave to them for free (7). But it was enough to cover shipping my other stuff back to Paraguay.
K: Sounds good. Honestly, I’ve gotten a bit taller here. I can probably put all the clothes I brought into the Goodwill pile.
M: Good call. How about these shoes? Can you wear them in Taiwan?
K: Oh man, back in Tainan everyone wears blue and white sandals. These will be perfect.
M: Well, I’ll let you sort the rest, and then we’ll head to Goodwill.
K: Sounds good. Give me a half hour or so.


Words & Phrases 單字片語

4. check out sth ⁄ clean sth out  把(房間、屋子等的內部)清理乾淨
I found these childhood toys while I was cleaning out our storage room.

★5. pack sb’s ⁄ a bag ⁄ case 打包/整理某人的行李
We’re leaving in two hours and I haven’t packed my bags yet.

★6. stuff n. 東西(集合名詞,不可數)
Every editor has a lot of stuff to do every day.

7. for free 免費地 = free of charge
The kind doctor treated the poor patient’s disease for free.

Extra Words 補充字詞

get-together  n. 聚會,聯歡會
metro  n. 地鐵;地下鐵道系統
suitcase  n.(旅行用的)手提箱
sandal  n. 拖鞋;涼鞋

You Can Do This 英文試金石

1. 我們學校與日本的一所學校有交換學生計畫。
Our school has an ____________ program with a school in Japan.

2. 五歲以下的孩童可免費進入遊樂園遊玩。
Children under five years old get to enter the amusement park ____________.

3. 是你該清理桌面的時候了。
It’s time for you to ____________ your desk.

答案:1. exchange;2. for free;3. clean out


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